Interview with Tiffany Harrison of What Would Jane Do

Last Saturday morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee (yes, I drink Starbucks) and an interview with Tiffany Harrison, a recent grad, burgeoning PR pro, and study abroad super fan (she studied abroad for a year in Scotland with USAC). We discussed the benefits of study abroad for PR majors, advice Tiffany has for future study abroad students, and her future career plans.

I first met Tiffany on Twitter where she's known as a friendly, fun personality tweeting about everything from study abroad, tea (of course), and public relations. As a true study abroad super fan, Tiffany is also interested in starting a career in study abroad (for a university or a provider) where she can utilize her PR and social media skills along with her knowledge of the study abroad process. In her own words she's:

  • Passionate about study abroad
  • Natural leader
  • Great communicator

Best of luck Tiffany, and thanks so much for chatting with me on a Saturday!


And yes, I can just hear my mother's voice telling me to sit up straight in this video. I'll work on that. :)


I want to thank everyone for the wonderful support of my post about the Top Graduate Programs for a Career in Study Abroad. The response has been amazing! And a big thanks to everyone who left a comment and even added to the list of programs. If you've emailed me since Monday with questions, I'm so sorry for the delay and I'll try to get out responses in the next week.