TNDS 001: Stop Asking for Permission! Take it!

I am excited to announce the official launch of The New Dorothy Show; a place where I can discuss anything from yoga and study abroad to my Kansas Jayhawks or love for Starbucks coffee. Join me each week for thoughtful discussions, advice, fun, and of course an insider look to a start-up lifestyle. Soon you will be able to find my podcast on iTunes at The New Dorothy Show, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! To learn more about me and the Chronicles of a Start-Up Life, visit

Episode 1: Stop Asking for Permission! Take It!

Finding yourself stuck in your job search? Can’t seem to fill your classes? It seems you’ve done everything under the sun, yet nothing seems to work. Well, I’m here to ask: Have you really done it all? Like give-up-Netflix-done-it-all? This week, I challenge you to stop asking for permission, and do what needs to be done to earn it all.


1:58 – I have done everything possible to get people to sign up for my retreat. But nothing works. Now what?

3:37  – Really? Have you done it all?

4:42  – You have to want it more than me.

7:05  – It probably isn’t them, it’s probably you.

8:53  – Stop waiting for a job, stop waiting for an internship. Go create your own.

10:53 – Stop waiting for someone to come to you. Go to them. Go out there and make it happen. Cross promote, start a club, do some community outreach.



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