ISAP #3: NAFSA 2016 Recap and Going Inside the Inside Study Abroad Podcast (so meta) with Brooke Roberts

Brooke Roberts - Inside Study Abroad Podcast Episode 3

This week I'm going solo and recapping my NAFSA 2016 experience in Denver. It was honestly one of my favorite conference experiences to date - reconnecting, debuting The Study Abroad Journal, meeting so many Global Pro Institute alumni, and just generally feeling like I was coming home. Re-entry never felt so good! 




Here's what you'll learn in this episode: 

  • Why I sound like a man
  • How many downloads of the podcast I've had so far! 
  • Highlights of NAFSA 2016 including karaoke, a reception inside a reception, snapchat selfies, meetings, etc. 
  • What I think are the most valuable networking opportunities at NAFSA
  • Why I started this podcast
  • What topics you can expect me to cover and who I'll have on the show
  • Who's coming up next week




I'm also launching a new professional development series called #InsideChat. These will be online video chat sessions where a guest and I will tackle various professional and career development topics along with Q&A opportunities. 

Tomorrow, I'm joined by Natalie Garrett, Customer Development and Marketing Director at ViaTRM (and co-found with me of The Study Abroad Journal) and we'll be talking about: 

Navigating Your NAFSA Networking Hangover - How to follow-up like a boss, implement your ideas, and keep the conference momentum going

These are live chats (and recordings will be available). Join us tomorrow, June 9th at 2pm CST!