ISAP #6: Study Abroad Consumerism, Being Cool, and Internships in China with Daniel Nivern and Edward Holroyd Pearce of CRCC Asia

On this week’s episode, I’m talking with Daniel Nivern and Edward Holyrod Pearce, co-founders of CRCC-Asia. I met Daniel and Ed many moons ago at the GoOverseas marketing conference in San Francisco. As I got to know this dynamic duo a little better, learned their personal stories and how CRCC Asia got started, I knew I had to have them on the show. CRCC Asia’s sweet spot is definitely internships in China, but they also run more traditional study abroad and language immersion programs as well.




  • What happened to Ed and Daniel at ages 9 and 14 (respectively) that changed their lives forever.
  • What Daniel considers “cool”
  • The real role of internship organizations
  • What’s industries are hot in China right now
  • Why even people with no knowledge of the country or the language need to spend some time in China
  • The biggest misconceptions students have about interning in China
  • Why internships and study abroad programs should “suck” a little


GIC Debate (Find my talk at 10:45 and the Q&A section at 33:03 where Daniel zings me with a great question!)


Daniel on CNBC Squawk Box


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