What's the difference between study abroad participation and study abroad administration?


Today we’re talking about the differences between participating in study abroad and administering study abroad programs. The differences can be pretty stark and obvious but they can also be very nuanced and subtle.

This happens to be one of the biggest roadblocks facing aspiring and emerging study abroad professionals: understanding the real work of study abroad advising. 

You often have a deep passion for your own experiences, you want more people to have a similar type of experience, and you’re ready to share all that advice about packing, where to travel, and maybe even how to make it more affordable, but you lack the depth and nuanced understanding of what goes on behind the curtain of making academic international experiences happen.

I think it’s important that for anyone working in IE and study abroad or wanting to launch a career in this space, to understand the primary differences between participating in international experiences vs administering international experiences.

Because if you don’t understand these differences, it’s going to be very difficult for you to understand the jobs you’re applying for and even harder for you to convince someone that you can do the job.


  • Why you must understand the primary differences between participation and administration in study abroad

  • The 8 primary differences between being a participant and a professional in study abroad

  • How you can gain the practical knowledge of building a study abroad advising system

  • Plus where I'm headed to next on my crazy year-long adventure around the world!