ISAP #19 - Challenges Launching A New International Ed Company, Empowering Young Women, & Career Hacks with Lisette Miranda

Lisette Miranda - Inside Study Abroad

Today on the show, I’m sharing an interview with Lisette Miranda, founder and CEO of PINC Internships which specializes in internships and immersion programs for female college students. Her model and approach to program design is deeply rooted in female empowerment, skill building, networking, and practical professional development.

Lisette’s own international education story is one that will inspire both students and professionals on how drive, determination, and gumption can help you design the life you want….and how to figure out what you want through trial and error.

This is one of my favorite conversations to date! Lisette is incredibly intelligent, driven, and is approaching her work with passion and heart. Thanks so much for coming on the show, Lisette!



  • How Lisette landed a full-time job in Spain right after college
  • Why Lisette focuses on skill building in programs abroad
  • How NOT studying abroad in college was a good choice for Lisette
  • Why her rule of “say yes to everything”* helped her establish her life in Madrid
  • How Lisette’s relationship building skills helped uplevel her career
  • Why she decided to start her own internship abroad company and how
  • How seeing program design deficits inspired her to create a better internship model
  • The best advice Lisette received for tackling her first NAFSA conference
  • How Lisette is capitalizing on Snapchat and Instagram Stories to grow her brand and build connection with prospective students

*Within reason ;)





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