ISAP #13 Are we winning Generation Study Abroad? with Wagaye Johannes of IIE

Wagaye Johannes, IIE, Generation Study Abroad - Inside Study Abroad

Today's episode is all about Generation Study Abroad - the students who comprise this generation, the initiative conceived by the folks over at IIE, and defining what quality in study abroad really means. We also try to answer the  big question: Are we winning at creating Generation Study Abroad and doubling the number of students who study abroad each year? 

I'm chatting with Wagaye Johannes, program director of the Generation Study Abroad initiative at IIE. Wagaye's career has evolved over the past 15 years and touched on areas of global program management with a focus on leadership development, social entrepreneurship, cross-cultural exchange, and international affairs.

This is the perfect episode for anyone who's not sure what Generation Study Abroad is or who is curious about what you can do to help double study abroad participation. 


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  • We talk about how the Generation Study Abroad initiative got started
  • The benchmarks IIE set to help reach the moonshot goal
  • How we define "quality" programs abroad
  • Who gets to be called a "study abroad alumni"
  • Where we are now in terms of reaching that 600k moonshot goal
  • The best strategies for doubling study abroad participation as well as the biggest barriers and hurdles for organizations.


Generation Study Abroad 

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