ISAP #18 - Where I've Been, Current Global Experiment, and What's Next

Brooke Roberts Bali - Inside Study Abroad

Hello and welcome back! In today's episode, I’m returning from looooong hiatus from the podcast and I'm sharing all the juicy details on where I've been, my current global experiment, and what's to come for Inside Study Abroad, the podcast, GPI, and all the other projects I have in motion right now.  It's been a crazy 8 months since we were last together and I have so much to share, things I've learned, new developments, and I'm incredibly excited for what's to come. 


  • Why I stepped away from the podcast for eight months and what I've been working on instead
  • What you can expect from the podcast moving forward
  • Where I am currently in the world and the crazy global experiment I'm currently pursuing
  • Details about the next launch of the Global Pro Institute plus an upcoming FREE workshop "The Rockstar Career Roadmap"
  • And details and updates on all the other businesses I'm running

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