#015: How To Find Your Most Profitable Business Idea

May 03, 2022
How To Find Your Most Profitable Business Idea

Building a business in the knowledge economy means that you likely already have the knowledge, skills, experience, or passion (or all of these!) to create an automated income stream that doesn't require a degree, a bunch of employees, or a lot of money to get started.

But the big problem most people have isn't having an idea (most people have too many ideas) - it's finding an idea that will actually be profitable. I

n today's video, I'm working you through a Three Part System to help you tease out your business idea and guarantee it will be profitable. I

n this episode you'll learn:

  • The step by step process to finding and validating your most profitable idea
  • Why following your passion could actually be the wrong way to go
  • How combining seemingly unrelated elements will help you carve a truly memorable and profitable business  

Hope you enjoy! - Brooke





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