My Stupidly Simple Productivity System

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Are you trying to build your online business but feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, or just not as productive as you'd like to be?

Perhaps you're doing "All the things" but not feeling like you're making any progress?

If so, then you might be in need of a system that helps you stay productive in your online business.

And by system, I don't mean some super complicated process that takes more time to manage than allows you to actually get stuff done.

Personally, I use a two free digital tools and a stupidly simple 4 part system that helps me achieve my business and income goals while keeping my work hours to less than 20 hours per week and relatively free of stress and overwhelm.




- Google Calendar

- Asana

- Productivity Powerhouse Training:

- 4 Pillars of a Profitable Online Business:

- Kajabi


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