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Plan, track and achieve your goals and vision with the 12 Week Year Asana Template!

The Ultimate Asana 12-Week Year Planner is designed to give you everything you need to:

✅ Understand the 12-week year
✅ Plan your strategic action steps 
✅ Achieve more in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months!

🎯Digital download of the Asana Temple + Video Training


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Productivity Powerhouse

Get More Done In Less Time

Learn productivity strategies and simple, free tools to help you get focused, more organized, and achieve your goals.

Are you constantly looking at your to do list wondering how you’ll get it all done, what to tackle first, and and achieve your big goals...while still having a full, fun life you love?

Well, my friend, this course is for you. You can expect a comprehensive training covering everything from the biggest productivity killers (and how to avoid them), managing your time and calendar, taking control of your inbox, setting priorities for your days, weeks, and months, hacks and tricks that save me hours every week, and so much more.

I take you behind the scenes of my calendar, inbox, and project management tools to show you how I run three businesses, teach courses, do consulting, speak at events, and work towards personal goals all while maintaining my sanity.

I’ve been an executive and entrepreneur for nearly 10 years and have grown companies, launched products, hired teams, and more 

Just like you, I’ve been overwhelmed with the volume of tasks on my to do list, managing multiple “#1 priorities” at the same time, while trying to live a balanced life. 

Through considerable trial and error, project management training, and a commitment to see my goals to the end, I’ve developed a system and strategy that has catapulted my career and my businesses.After taking this course you will:

  • Have a system to tackle each day, week, and month of your work and life with ease and organization
  • Learn the things killing your productivity and how to eliminate them for good
  • Know the key tools (all FREE!) you can use every day to save time and get more done
  • Plan out your next week to have the most productive week ever
  • Understand the tools and tricks I use to manage my email and other direct messages
  • Go behind the scenes of my project management software, my email, and my calendar to see exactly how I get things done.
  • And more!

Whether you want to feel more accomplished in your days, tackle a new project to earn that promotion, launch a side hustle that you can take full-time, achieve a personal goal you’ve had for awhile - whatever it is you want to achieve, Productivity Powerhouse will help you get more done, in less time, and focus on the things that make you happy!

Enroll now and become a Productivity Powerhouse by the end of the day!

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the many productivity killers that plague you in your day to day (and how to avoid them)

  • Implement daily, weekly, and monthly planning strategies to keep you on track and moving forward

  • How to kill procrastination before it begins

  • Learn how to prioritize everything in your work and life to achieve more in less time

  • Implement FREE and simple tools to manage your calendar, tasks, and inbox with ease

  • Free up your time to earn more money, enjoy your life, or go after a new goal!

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No previous knowledge is required

  • Several free digital tools are recommended (but not required)

  • A fresh notebook, pen, and the motivation to get more done!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who feels stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out, and paralyzed on how to move forward

  • Overwhelmed professionals who need systems to manage it all

  • Burnt out entrepreneurs eager to learn how to leverage tools and time to grow their businesses

  • Busy students with a heavy course load unsure how to juggle it all

What Our Students Say: